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While my students are learning about the nuances of the college application process, I too, am learning. Getting to know my students beyond their academic standing is a key step in personalizing the application.


We work with students across the spectrum. There is a perfect college or university for every student and we strive to get every child there.

For colleges in the US most applications are submitted via the Common Application or the Coalition Application. While you can make the account anytime, they usually reset their servers in the last week of July for the upcoming application cycle. Accordingly, first week of August is a good time to create your account. For the UK applications, the UCAS application will go live in May of the year you are applying in.

It is not easy for a 16-17 year old to always have a definite idea of what they want to do after graduating from high school. To help bring clarity, we recommend taking a psychometric assessment. The results will lead to a better understanding of one’s abilities and aptitudes, enabling them to succeed in school, social situations, and the workplace.

We have regular meetings with the student which can be daily, weekly or a little more spaced out depending on the stage of the application process. The meetings are usually held over an online video conferencing platform, in case it’s not possible to meet in person. We are flexible about the timing of the appointment and take into consideration the student’s school schedule and other commitments. 

We advise students to apply to no more than 10 schools which should include a balanced list of reach and match schools.

If you are planning to study abroad, universities will review your grades from class 9 onwards. Use this time to build on your academic strengths and explore your interests. Identifying the things that you enjoy doing or are curious to learn more about at this stage will also help you plan for your higher education.

The SAT and ACT are both standardized test, yet have distinguishing features which determine how a student performs on the test. Some things to consider while deciding between the two are how well you work under time pressure and your familiarity with high school science concepts.

The US application deadlines are typical: Early Action, Early Decision (November 1) and Early Decision 2, Regular Decision (January 1). UK applications can be submitted by January 15 (Law, Medicine, Oxford / Cambridge – October 15). Canadian colleges have varying deadlines which need to be checked on the institution’s portal.

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