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We are a high impact platform that helps individuals take meaningful action on social and environmental causes.

It all started with a simple question: how can we create a better world?

TribesforGOOD is a new-age platform that helps you discover; learn and contribute to issues that you care about while bridging the talent gap for social enterprises. By combining training from grassroots innovators, we help you make a positive social impact. Founded in 2018 and headquartered in Mumbai, TribesforGOOD is simplifying the journey of a potential changemaker. We focus on 4 key impact regions: Gender Equality; Financial Inclusion; Access to Healthcare and Environment/Planet.

Young Changemakers

We Are on A Mission to
Activate 1 Mn Changemakers Worldwide
The Young Change Makers program is for students with little to no experience, who want to make a difference but are not sure how. Students will get the chance to build on established causes within their field of interest and apply what they have learnt to real scenarios. By addressing real issues facing real organisations, our Young Change Makers create real continuous change in their communities.

Social Entrepreneurship

Have a social impact idea but not sure where to start? Our Social Entrepreneurship program helps budding changemakers transform their ideas into realities through expert guidance and new partnerships. The program is perfect for driven and passionate individuals who are ready to take change into their own hands.

Summer Community Service programs – Global Challenges & Social Justice

The Global Challenges & Social Justice Program is designed to help students who want to use their school breaks to make an impact, but do not know how.  The program provides students with a basic introduction to innovation and social entrepreneurship through expert-led workshops, learn-by-doing modules, and social impact projects, which will set them on a path of becoming a changemaker.

Young professionals for Social Change

The program is an opportunity for professionals with 1+ year experience to build and execute their social impact projects, assist understaffed social impact.

Internship Accelerator Program

Our Internships will help you demonstrate initiative, leadership, and your business acumen! Train with the best in the industry and get internship opportunities with top global NGOs in the field of social change. Apply now!