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Skype Sessions (Covid-19 Updates)

Dear Parent,

Kindly note that MathVision will continue to conduct Skype sessions during the Circuit-Breaker period. It is our duty to keep supporting your child amidst these uncertain times. In this endeavor, skype sessions will be provided as it has been the case over the past few weeks…

Who We Are

Dealing with school life, particularly the studying part can be confusing, often overwhelming. We understand that.

We see students struggle to grasp concepts and we want to help. We meet students who believe they are not particularly good at Math or Science, when they have never really given it an honest shot. And we want to help.

We are a group of highly trained teachers committed to serving as a support system for students. If your child is struggling with a subject, we are here to help. If there is any concept or topic you have not understood, we are here to help.

It is what we have been trained for. It is what we do best.

About the Founder Divesh Shah

Mathematics is an integral part of our lives. Try as we might to evade it, we will never really be able to escape having to add, subtract, multiply and divide. It is said that the average human performs a mathematical function in his mind a few million times in his lifetime. Yet, there are those who dismiss it as not necessarily crucial to our way of existence. We have begun to develop a growing dependency on calculators, the primary consequence of which is to dull the mathematical parts of the mind. We decided that there was a need to resurrect the human love for numbers.

Divesh Shah, on September 7th, 1998, hit the city of Mumbai with his Math Show. What began as a modest attempt to reinvigorate the popularity of Math, eventually became the first of his four hundred shows around the globe.

This in turn paved the way for him to start the Puzzle Show, another offshoot of his love for Mathematics. Backed further on by popular demand, he set up the Sudoku Show, designed to break down the complex single digit Sudoku’s, further building on his base of mathematic enthusiasts. Fast calculations were only one of the many aspects of this romance – his heart was set on reviving the waning love for numbers. Displaying to mathematical agnostics the magical relationships between numbers and inspiring in them his degree of enthusiasm towards the subject, gradually led the way for him to eventually set up Math Vision. 

Contact Information

Math Vision Enrichment Centre is located at

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