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Young Technology Scholars

Program Details

Young Technology Scholars (YTS) is an experiential intensive summer program that spans across a few weeks where students are exposed to real-world engineering and problem-solving exercises. Through hands-on learning and interdisciplinary coursework, students will learn how to leverage technology to solve complex problems. We wish to turn the next generation of students into tinkerers, idea generators, and fearless pattern sniffers with a strong motivation to identify and work on the most challenging problems of the world.
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About Us

The YTS program is offered by Reimagining Higher Education Foundation, the founding body of Plaksha. It is one of India’s largest collective philanthropic efforts to build a 21st-century Technology University. It is backed by 60+  business leaders, tech entrepreneurs and organizations from 5 countries and envisions creating a new model of technology education and research for India and the world. YTS has been designed by senior faculty from leading universities around the world in collaboration with alumni from top institutions including Stanford, HBS, UC Berkeley, IITs, and the IIMs.