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Demonstrate Your Interest

Published on March 30, 2021


In a world where standardized testing scores are optional, many colleges are seeing the number of applications rise exponentially. Applicants are throwing their hat in the ring and taking their chances. However, just because a candidate applies does not mean that they actually intend to join that college should they receive an offer. To ensure that students who are seriously considering attending the institution make it to the shortlist, admissions officers evaluate how they have engaged with the college and demonstrated interest during the application process. Typically, an applicant who has taken the time to learn about the college is considered more likely to accept an offer of admission, a key consideration for the admissions office in their quest to maintain enrollment numbers.

What is essential to know is that not all colleges track this data. (see above link) According to the NACAC report evaluating admissions trends, the smaller universities (<5000 students) give more weightage to the applicants’ efforts to initiate contact with the university.

College campuses have become increasingly accessible, and connecting with their representatives has become easier and more cost-effective given the technological advancements. With the travel restrictions in place, families don’t have to worry about not being able to make it for on-campus visits. Colleges have a list of scheduled virtual tours on their website; admissions officers are hosting and attending webinars to reach out to audiences across the globe; student ambassadors are being called upon to share their experiences through social media channels. Potential students can get the campus vibe, all from the comfort of their own home.

Now is the time to curate your college list and initiate contact with the schools high on your priority list. Put demonstrating interest on top of your list of to-do’s and get one step closer to your dream school.